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List of apps I've been working on.

This page lists projects I’ve been working on.


StaxRip is a versatile video encoding GUI for Windows. It executes and controls console apps like x265, NVEnc, mkvmerge, ffmpeg, etc. and uses the scripting based frameservers, AviSynth+ and VapourSynth, for video processing.

Because I no longer do video encoding, 2021 my role in the project changed from active to reserve, meaning in case StaxRip becomes unmaintained for longer than 1-2 years, I will maintain it. is a modern media player for Windows based on the popular mpv player.


Voidtools Everything is the most popular and powerful file search app on Windows. Everything.NET is a frontend for Voidtools Everything.


MediaInfo.NET is a Windows app that shows media file information.


Get-MediaInfo is media info module (advanced function) for PowerShell.

Open with++

Open with++ is a shell extension that allows to add command line driven custom menu items to the Windows File Explorer context menu.


Flow Launcher plugin to define favorite apps, files, folders and URLs.


A password generator that generates a password based on a given name and main password.


run-hidden is a simple command line app that allows to run console apps like powershell with hidden console window.

File Type Registry Viewer

File Type Registry Viewer shows registry keys related to a defined file type.